MAXTRA+ Universal filter cartridge

Experience the new Powerfilter MAXTRA+ UNIVERSAL for a better taste.

The new MAXTRA+ Universal filter cartridge marks a new era in water filtration. Even more powerful than the first generation MAXTRA, each MAXTRA+ Universal filter cartridge maintains all the important features that made the original MAXTRA so successful while also delivering a plus in various areas such as:

  • A plus of 25% fresher tasting water*
  • A plus of 30% increased filter surface
  • A plus in performance with enhanced MicroFlow Technology
  • A plus in design with its clean and minimal design
  • A plus in convenience, fitting old and new carriers

* Compared to the MAXTRA cartridge, based on internal tests.

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Finer Mesh

Better reduction of coarse particles.

BRITA Micro Carbon Pearls

Pearl shape, finer grain size and more filter surface for improved taste & odour.

Brita iex pearls

Well proven limescale reduction remains at top level.

Finer grid

Filtration of fine particles.




Woman with glass of water, man smiling in the background

Bring out the power of real taste.

The new MAXTRA+ Universal filter cartridge features enhanced MicroFlow Technology that uses smaller Micro Carbon Pearls to absorb taste impairing substances more effectively in millions of pores, meaning you get better tasting water than ever before. Furthermore, premium limescale reduction capabilities are maintained, prolonging the life of small domestic appliances like coffee machines and kettles.

Boy looking curious, holding a glass of water.

Powered by nature.

Every MAXTRA+ Universal filter cartridge is powered by natural coconut shells and capable of producing 100 litres great tasting BRITA filtered water, saving you from having to buy bottled water every time you're thirsty and also helping preserve precious environmental resources. Whether you prefer your water hot, cold, to drink or to cook with, MAXTRA+ only delivers the highest quality with minimal impact on the environment.

Woman exchanging cartridge.

Powerful filtration with maximum convenience.

BRITA believes that upgrading your filter performance should be convenient and easy. That's why we designed the MAXTRA+ Universal filter cartridge to not only enhance filter performance, but to conveniently fit all new and old BRITA MAXTRA jugs. Meaning all you have to do to upgrade your filter performance, is buy a new and improved MAXTRA+ Universal filter cartridge, place it in your existing carrier and enjoy even cleaner, fresher tasting water.